Kennards Lift & Shift  offers a new stair-climber for hire designed to reduce the manual effort required to move heavy loads on stairways.
Kennards’ stair-climber removes the need for manual tilting or turning, not only helping to meet OH&S regulations but also reducing the risk of damage to goods.
A handheld remote control is used to operate the battery-electric, rubber-tracked unit, which can move items weighing up to 500kg. The remote control is used to gently tilt the item attached to the stair-climber until it is lying back against the stairs. The unit is then driven without manual assistance to a landing, or the top or bottom of the stairs where it is remotely tilted to an upright position, and turned.
Sensitive Freight Solutions, which specialises in moving equipment for data centres used one of the new stair climbers from Kennards’ Silverwater hire centre to move a UPS unit. Sensitive Freight Solutions regularly hires Kennards Lift & Shift’s specialist equipment to meet site challenges.
Managing Director of Sensitive Freight Solutions, Neville Cox observes that the stair-climber completely removes the use of raw power from the equation, reducing the risk to the men using it. Though most of their jobs have lift access, they occasionally need the stair-climbers.
The company hires exclusively from Kennards Lift & Shift because of the assurance that their equipment is properly maintained and serviced.

Kennards Lift & Shift operates equipment hire centres in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne (two outlets), Sydney, Brisbane and Townsville.