“You can get the material to where it’s needed, as quickly as you can load it on” says David Dicorrado of the new conveyor range being offered for hire from Kennards Lift and Shift.

David Dicorrado, from Robert Boyle & Associates landscaping company, recently needed to move sand and soil from one location to another on the same site.

The problem was that the site design made shifting the materials complicated. “It was a difficult site and we thought we were looking at a whole days work to essentially just move a bit of sand and soil”, said David Dicorrado.

“The decision to use Lift and Shift’s conveyors meant the job was completed in a few hours.”

The key benefits of the conveyors include the fact that they can be linked for any length run, and allow for material to be transported around corners.

The material can be directly shovelled or bucket loaded onto the beds, which feature punched holes giving strengths and allowing material that does get under the belt to drop through, rather than travelling the entire length. And as David Dicorrado discovered, “the conveyors are very quick and easy to assemble.”

Two sizes are available with carrying capacities of 80kg and 160kg. The approximate travel speed of the belt is 0.60m per second.

Kennards Lift and Shift specialises in offering solutions for the difficult of material handling jobs and offers a wide variety of equipment suited to most lifting, moving and positioning applications.