Among Kennards Lift & Shift’s broad range of winching and hoisting equipment there is the Minifor, which is perfect for winching or hoisting loads at any angle. The Minifor can lift up to 500kg and up to 900kg when wreathed. The Minifor can hoist loads over 100 metres high and weighs only 32kg with a hoisting speed of 7 metres per minute.  

Vertigo recently hired a 240 volt, single phase Minifor to hoist up a sign 85 metres up the side of a building in Central Adelaide. The sign consisted of 3 x 3m by 3m letters weighing 400kg each. Vertigo had trouble planning how exactly to execute the job so it spoke to the guys at Kennards Lift & Shift and they suggested it to use the Minifor.  

After inspecting the Minifor, Vertigo realised it would be perfect for the job and it was. Vertigo was impressed with the fact that it had an unlimited length of wire rope as it trouble finding a winch with the rope length it required.  

The Minifor’s compact and lightweight design makes it easy to handle and it has adjustable upper and lower end stops as well as incorporating a brake into the motor. Along with the Minifor, there is a huge range of other hoisting and winching equipment available for hire which can be used for a variety of different applications. Included in this range are scaffold hoists, which allow for fast lifting of medium loads, and Capstan Winches designed for cable pulling or lightweight pulling over long distances.