Chess Engineering hired two tonne tabletop trucks with rear-mounted Hiab cranes from Kennards Lift & Shift to provide greater flexibility in installing and modifying anti-throw protection screens.
The large steel screens manufactured by the company prevent objects being thrown from road and railway bridges or embankments.
Peter Phillpott, a project manager for Chess Engineering found the crane trucks hired from Kennards Lift & Shift to be ideal for the task. Since they don’t need mobile cranes on a regular basis, the company finds it more cost effective and easier to hire when needed.
He explains that the compact size of the crane trucks makes them easy to manoeuvre, allowing their workers to get up close to the work site, without having to extend the reach of the crane too far.
The crane can lift up to 1300kg, which is more than adequate for their needs while the tray is large enough to carry the screen components and installation equipment. These crane trucks can be operated with a car licence and Hiab training.
The crane on these vehicles can lift 1000kg at a reach of 2.75m, and 415kg at 6.05m.
Kennards Lift & Shift has equipment hire centres in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne (two outlets), Sydney, Brisbane and Townsville.