Linked mini and maxi conveyors, from Kennards Lift & Shift , overcame access restrictions during the recent treatment of a white ant problem at a property in McGraths Hill in Sydney’s north-west.

Roughly six tonnes of soil which was built up against the side of the house was easily removed in about six hours.

Warren Duclos, who hired the conveyors explained, “We were working in a passageway which was so narrow we couldn’t even get a wheelbarrow in,”

“The conveyors were the only option, and they made the job easy. They just plug into household power and you can join them together so they work off the one switch.

“A two tonne tipper took three loads of soil away.”

Kennards Lift & Shift has considerably boosted its fleet of maxi and mini conveyors.

The conveyors, in 3m and 6m lengths, have proved extremely reliable, even on hot days when other units have shown a tendency to cut out for periods.

Kennards Lift & Shift has hire centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Further information, or to receive a free copy of a new glove box size edition of the company’s catalogue can be obtained from Kennards Lift & Shift.