Kennards Lift and Shift now stocks a broad range of conveyors for hire. In the last few months, five new conveyors have joined their range of hire equipment. These conveyors facilitate two primary functions. One lot are the ideal equipment for shipping and receiving and highly useful in distribution centres. The other side of this hire equipment range are efficient for use in dirt and rubble conveying.

The five new conveyors to join Kennards hire equipment range include the 4m Flexible conveyor for loading and unloading trucks in a faster, safer and easier fashion. The Motorised conveyor is the second to join and has the same specifications as the flexible conveyor, with an adjustable speed up to 30m/min. The Gravity roller conveyor, the third of Kennards’ new hire equipment list, is a straight line conveyor that’s suitable for most moving and shifting applications.

Also available for hire is the Belted range of self contained, lightweight conveyors that are the ideal landscaping and material movement equipment. In both 3000mm and 6000mm lengths at 450mm wide, these conveyors make light work of most conveying projects.

The new Landscaper conveyor equipment will replace the imported 3000mm ‘miniveyors’ that have been in the Kennards hire fleet. The new Landscaper conveyors are far more robust, reliable, and productive than the miniveyors.