Re-Trouvé, available from Ke-Zu , is a metal indoor or outdoor furniture collection which evokes past forms created through the use of superior technology.

According to Patricia Urquiola, Re-Trouvé Inspiration came from the icon chairs of the '50's, Patricia Urquiola wanted to create new models which would bring together a re-interpretation of this old fashioned design with a humorous twist, produced with numerical control technology.

The metal working technology of Emu allows for the creation of the Re-Trouvé indoor or outdoor furniture characterised by recurrent patterns of diamond motifs. The geometric design of Re-Trouvé gives three-dimensionality to the pieces. Industrial production enables high product quality for Re-Trouvé whilst maintaining the hand crafted qualities of the furniture.

Re-Trouvé tables, vases, armchairs, chairs and ottomans are available in white, turquoise, green, yellow, orange and black. Re-Trouvé seat / back cushions are available in white, turquoise, green, yellow, rust, orange and red. Re-Trouvé seat only cushion is available in white, turquoise, yellow and orange shades. The diverse colour pallette enables personalisation of Re-Trouvé indoor/outdoor furniture.