‘Angel’ is a new lamp design created by celebrated jewellery and object designer Francis Dravigny, who is part of Hive [design by hive], a collective of international creatives and artisans.

Led by the international design genius Kenneth Cobonpue, Hive [design by hive] cultivates an environment of creative freedom, merged with a strong conceptual sense of original lighting and planting products.

The Hive [design by hive] catalogue features their latest collection of innovative lighting products including the Angel lamps and Twine pendant lamps.

The Angel lamps are handmade from hand-woven abaca and banana fibre cloth, with the materials pleated and stitched into a shapely form reminiscent of its winged namesake. Silently glowing and floating gracefully overhead, Angel is a stunning addition to the Hive [design by hive] catalogue.

Jarrod Lim’s Twine is a pendant lamp designed to resemble a ball of twine, in a shapely suspension of twirled, spun and coiled rattan, holding itself into place with its intricate winding crisscrossing pattern creating a dynamic sculptural display and featuring an 8W LED inner light source.

Suitable for any setting, Twine suspension lamps are available in interesting spun shapes dubbed UFO, Tal, Wide Small and Wide Flat Top in red, black and white.

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