When your interiors need a sculptural or decorative element for the ceiling or lighting, get some inspiration from Kaynemaile™ architectural mesh.

Kaynemaile can be used for sculptural and decorative ceiling features or custom lighting pieces. Water Clear mesh, for instance, has been used to create elaborate, large scale chandeliers in lighting design applications. Kaynemaile is also used to elevate ceiling designs with beautiful sculptural pieces, with the mesh’s high malleability throwing open endless creative options. The open weave of the mesh maintains airflow through the space and doesn’t interfere with heating or cooling systems.


Stronger and lighter than glass, Kaynemaile architectural mesh weighs 3kg per square metre, making it perfect for applications where a low static load on buildings is required. The light weight simplifies handling on site.


Kaynemaile mesh achieved a Group 1S in the AS/ISO 9705 room test (equivalent to the NFPA 286 room corner test) with an ASTM D 2843 smoke index of 70.9°, ASTM 635 HB-CCI and NFPA 701-pass. Kaynemaile uses FR-V0 material that is rated self-extinguishing.


Installation of Kaynemaile architectural mesh is not only easy but also time-saving and cost-saving. No special fixings are required – this means the installed rate is more cost-effective than other metal products or glass panels.

10-year warranty

Kaynemaile Armour and Spacemaile products have a 10-year standard warranty. Kaynemaile architectural mesh is UV stabilised using inorganic colours for long-term stability and full recyclability.