Kaynemaile-Armour, an award-winning architectural mesh product from Kaynemaile™ has been installed on the facade of the Trinity Hill Accommodation & Training Development Complex in Hobart, Australia. The installation on the building designed by HBV Architects & CCA, was carried out by Kaynemaile and Fairbrother Construction. 

Kaynemaile can produce this architectural mesh in unlimited size sheets of injection-moulded engineering grade polycarbonate, featuring excellent functional and aesthetic properties for interior and exterior applications.

Kaynemaile-Armour in Water Clear colour complements the mix of materials used at the Trinity Hill Complex from the iron bark’s ruggedness to the stark raw concrete and cement sheet walkways.

Key product features of Kaynemaile-Armour architectural mesh include economical solution with the installed rate more cost-effective than stainless meshes or glass panels and comparable with even the most basic aluminium louvres; ability to provide wind and rain screening; and resistance to fire and UV.

Steven Benjamin Spizick of Heffernan Button Voss Architects says, “We have appreciated Kaynemaile’s support in the development of the project.”