Architectural mesh screens from Kaynemaile™ are ideal for a broad range of exterior applications from screening and solar shading to artistic projects.

Developed specifically for the exteriors from 100% recyclable polycarbonate, Kaynemaile is a cost-effective alternative to woven metal mesh.

Kaynemaile architectural mesh delivers several advantages to various applications. Being extremely lightweight, the mesh is easy and fast to install, dramatically reducing install times and costs. It is tough and impact resistant, yet flexible enough to be stretched over a frame to execute complex three dimensional designs or hung freely to create kinetic designs.

Kaynemaile architectural mesh can be made to any height or width without joins or expansion gaps. These screens can reduce solar gain by up to 70 per cent in solar shading applications.

Aligned with Kaynemaile’s minimal waste philosophy, the mesh can be completely recycled at the end of its life.

Kaynemaile architectural mesh is recommended for installation in diverse settings from residential and commercial to parking garages, sculptural displays and enclosures.


Kaynemaile has been used on a variety of residential projects from individual homes to large scale apartment buildings to provide shade from the sun and add privacy.


Kaynemaile can elevate building exteriors with a sculptural frontage or a clean, seamless exterior. The mesh can be hung flat or stretched over a frame to realise complicated three dimensional designs.

Parking Garages

Ideal for parking garage exteriors, Kaynemaile maintains airflow and transparency while protecting from the sun, wind and rain. The material’s non-corrosive characteristics will not stain buildings or discolour over time.

Environmental Art and Sculpture

Kaynemaile architectural mesh has been used in a number of artistic and sculptural projects that work with the elements to create kinetic movement.

Utility Enclosures

Lightweight and fast to install, Kaynemaile is ideal for utility enclosures.