Kaynemaile™ mesh was installed on the existing facade of the Coco California fashion boutique in Port Lincoln, South Australia to provide a quick, sleek makeover to the building’s exterior.

Following a visit to Beverly Hills and the famous shopping precinct of Rodeo Drive, the Coco California owners sought to bring the glamorous shopping experience all the way back to Port Lincoln. They wanted a storefront that would set them apart from the standard brick and wood exteriors of other stores in the neighbourhood.

Kaynemaile worked with Coco California to design a simple and clean aesthetic using a single 52-square-metre sheet of steel coloured mesh. The single-piece mesh was installed over the existing facade, eliminating any need for construction or alteration. Additionally, the mesh was lifted and fixed on the building within a day, minimising the amount of time the store was closed.

The mesh facade has created a high impact exterior that is sleek, minimalist and high end without being high cost. Kaynemaile also reduces passive solar gain to the building by up to 75 per cent and provides ventilation while maintaining visibility from the inside out. These benefits were paramount for the sub-tropical climate of Port Lincoln.