ExoTec façade panels from James Hardie Australia were specified for the exterior of 15 new schools built as part of the $291 million New Schools Public Private Partnership (PPP) Project in Victoria. 

Available in a range of bright hues, the façade panels add a vibrant and distinctive look for each school, turning them into colourful community hubs.

Designed by Clarke Hopkins Clarke, the 15 high priority schools have been built for Victoria’s fast growing metropolitan and regional communities. Each building has been designed to reflect the individuality of the school while meeting ESD requirements and budgets. Two schools from the collective received awards for excellence in sustainable design. 

James Hardie’s ExoTec façade panels and fixing system were utilised to create a vibrant and unique look for each school while tying them together as a cohesive collective.

ExoTec’s adaptability allowed the builders to control the placement of panels to create patterning as well as break up facades to generate visual interest in a variety of bright colours, aimed at stimulating young minds and bringing the schools together visually. 

As a prefabricated product that can be painted offsite, ExoTec cladding proved to be the perfect choice to execute a unique visual brief while meeting safety and sustainability requirements.