Architectural powder coatings specialists, Interpon , have introduced eight new colour ways to their stock range. These include:

  • Jaybird - A deep royal blue in satin finish.
  • Bondi Blue - A vivid sky blue in high gloss.
  • Shamrock - Deep grass green in high gloss.
  • Viper Green - Vibrant ‘make a statement’ green in high gloss.
  • Lycra Strip - Fluorescent candy green in high gloss.
  • Brilliant Yellow - A high intensity yellow in high gloss.
  • Sensation - A slightly burnt orange in high gloss.
  • Lobster - A deep vibrant red in satin finish.

The all-new hues are not only vibrant, fade resistant and boast outstanding colour fastness, but are also completely on-trend with the themes of today’s market.

Specifically formulated to withstand high UV exposure, the new Colour Vitality range is backed by up to 20 years performance warranty for aluminium applications and up to 15 for mild steel.

Available in both satin and high gloss finishes, the Colour Vitality range is perfect for both aluminium and steel applications, and eligible for several GBCA green star credits.