Cabot's advises homeowners on how to protect their decks against the visible signs of ageing using a unique 3-step beauty regimen.

Decks are a big part of the typical Australian’s outdoor life during the summer with countless barbeques, family get-togethers and lazy afternoons spent just lounging outside.

The ageing, greying timber of the deck need no longer be a hindrance to enjoying the summer outdoors; the homeowner can simply replenish and protect their deck from the wear caused by UV exposure through an easy DIY process.

Cabot’s Brand Manager, Amelia Lutz observes many people are not aware about outdoor timber needing the same kind of protection and care that one provides to the skin against UV damage and signs of ageing.

Loss of colour is the first visible sign of decaying timber and signals the surface layer is beginning to deteriorate. This is often followed by cracks, splinters or fungi and mould. Amelia advises that decks should also be well protected from the elements to ensure they continue to look good, just as one would protect the skin when heading outdoors using sunscreen.

Amelia compares deck care to a beauty regimen of exfoliation, nourishment and rejuvenation to wind back time and revitalise the timber.

Step 1: Exfoliate

Remove degraded timber fibres (the signs of ageing) and dirt from the decking using a mix of Cabot’s Deck Clean and water in the Cabot’s Deck Hand Bucket, and scrub the timber with a Cabot’s Deck Scrub Broom. This prepping process removes the impurities and surface contaminants to ensure a smooth finish when the refreshing deck oil is applied.

Step 2: Nourish

Nourish the clean, dry deck with Cabot’s Aquadeck, a water-based deck coating product that is best applied with a lambswool applicator to ensure there are no streaks, lines or blend marks. Ensure a liberal application to the entire length of the timber board, approximately 2-3 boards at a time.

Step 3: Rejuvenate

After a two-hour drying time, ensure the first coat is dry before using the lambswool applicator for a second coat, resulting in a refreshed, younger looking timber.

Wash all the tools thoroughly in water. Wait at least eight hours before replacing furniture on the revitalised deck.

For best results

Use Cabot’s Deck Hand Bucket, the world’s first deck bucket featuring an innovative drainage tray that can be flipped up or down for the preparation and oiling phases and a handy pouring lip that ensures leftover product isn’t wasted when pouring it back into the can.

Cabot’s three-step timber beauty regimen should be repeated every spring to ensure the deck is protected from the visible signs of ageing.