A new water-based decking oil from Cabot’s enables exterior timber surfaces to be finished easily and quickly.  

Cabot’s introduces the new and improved Aquadeck to its range of clever decking solutions. Aquadeck is a long-lasting water-based alternative to solvent-based decking oils, allowing decking and other outdoor timber surfaces to be recoated in just two hours.  

Aquadeck water-based decking oil is specifically formulated for use on exterior timber surfaces such as decking, garden furniture, pergolas and fences, providing a beautiful finish that will enhance the natural grain of exterior timber for much longer than traditional decking oils.  

The easy-to-use Aquadeck decking oil protects various exterior timber surfaces from the harmful effects of UV, dirt and mould, achieving a rejuvenated deck in about the time it takes to play an average round of golf.  

The unique water-based formula in Cabot’s Aquadeck allows deep penetration into the timber to nourish the grain below the surface while creating a protective barrier on the surface of the timber.  

The protective barrier repels water and safeguards against cracking, peeling and blistering, lasting twice as long as traditional decking oils.  

Australia’s favourite exterior timber finish brand, Cabot’s Aquadeck is available in an improved formulation in Natural, Jarrah, Merbau and Rustic Oak.  

Key features of Cabot’s Aquadeck water-based decking oil

  • Allows recoats in just 2 hours
  • Coated surface is water-repellent
  • Protects against UV
  • Resists dirt and mould
  • Unique water-based formula lasts longer than traditional decking oils
  • Ideal for decking, outdoor furniture, pergolas and fences