A joint development initiative between Hyne Timber and Koppers Arch Wood Protection provides low cost termite protection for structural timber. The technology, marketed by Hyne as T2, is expected to have a very positive impact on the use of treated timber.

“We know that builders, construction companies and home owners are looking for additional protection against the threat of termites,” says David Marlay, Hyne Timber’s general manager. “We also know that to get treated timber into the mass building industry we have to get the costs down. We are confident that with T2 we have the means to make the additional protection of a treated timber structure affordable for virtually all home builders.”

The two main issues addressed in developing T2 were demonstrating the effectiveness of an envelope treatment for termite protection in order to reduce preservative costs and development of a preservative formulation and treatment process that was suitable for interfacing directly into a large framing mill.

At this stage, approval under Australian Standards and State legislation such as TUMA will be limited to areas south of the Tropic of Capricorn. Timber branding and pack labelling will make this clear to users. T2 will be launched in eastern states over the coming months.

Source: Building Products News.