Hyne Timber , one of Australia’s structural timber producers, are addressing the conscious deforestation of rainforests in Indonesia and Malaysia by choosing to import structural timber bracing panels made from sustainable, plantation-grown softwood timber stocks.

Hyne OS’Brace is a high quality, oriented strand board (OSB) product that is manufactured by the Egger Group in Germany specifically for the Australian construction industry. High moisture tolerance means that Hyne OS’Brace provides long-term performance, good stability and consistent structural qualities from one panel to the next.

Each three-layered, flat-pressed panel is made from micro-veneers bonded with synthetic resin. When installed to correct guidelines, it resists distortion, splitting, delamination and buckling, and is suitable for use anywhere in Australia, from the humid north to the cooler climates in the south.

Hyne OS’Brace, which is light in weight and simple to install, has a clean, fresh timber appearance and does not suffer from any of the defects found in veneer plywood such as holes, knots and splits.

Hyne OS’Brace is a low-emitting product fulfilling stringent European E1 regulations, as well as all the performance requirements of the Building Code of Australia.