Shapland Swim Schools have been in the business of teaching kids to swim for more than 35 years. The school facilities are located throughout South East Queensland. According to Chris Shapland, CEO, an important part of the durability and comfort of his swim centres is the materials they are constructed from.

The last two swim schools that Chris Shapland had built feature Hyne Beams 17 H3 treated portal frames from the engineered Hyne Truebeams range. This Truebeam range from Hyne Timber is particularly suited for roof spans over large spaces and is treated for weather-exposed structural applications, where both strength and appearance are important design requirements.

Chris specified Hyne Beams 17 H3 treated beams for their strength, durability and ability to handle the toxic environment – housing heated pools at 32°.

The Hyne Beams 17 H3 treated portal frames are treated with construction sealer at the factory. Chris maintains them with a painting and after care regime, which protects the softwood from the elements.

Learning to swim can be a daunting experience, and that is why Chris Shapland strives to ensure that his centres are built with the comfort of both parents and children in mind. One of the hazards of indoor pools is that humidity levels can be unbearable, as well as the likelihood of the building eventually being destroyed by rot and decay. Chris Shapland Swim Schools utilise a specific design and maintenance scheme which thwarts this problem.

The frame gives Chris the ability to put a separate building over the pool, like a separate enclosure. The pool is totally enclosed and is protected from all the elements. In Queensland’s humid summers, having this flexible state-of-the-art design allows the sides to be elevated, allowing air flow to stabilise temperature.