Nestled on the banks of the Mary River in Queensland is this uniquely designed residence.

The use of Hyne timber throughout the home harmonises with the natural habitat below, providing a feeling of warmth and welcome, says Mike Carl, designer and owner of this home.

“Because of the design, we needed a continuous support running end-to-end for the upper wall frames, trusses and exposed beams, so to do this, we selected two of 230 x 65 Hynebeams 17C. In the main living area of the home, 190 x 65 Hynebeams 17C about 10.5 metres long were used to span the open area through and over the back deck,” he says.

Carl adds the use of Hyne laminated beams meant he could achieve the spans required with straight lines, which he described as a superb finish and ease of construction.

Selected as bearers were 245 x 65 Hyne LGLs which were topped with 140 x 45 MGP 12 pine floor joists. Pine wall frames and trusses made up the framing.

Once the roof was in place, the 11mm Blackbutt Hynefloor was laid – all 2400lm of it. It is featured extensively, creating a light and airy feeling throughout the residence.

With breathtaking panoramic water views on the deck outside overlooking the river, hardwood decking is complimented with cypress pine posts and rails with vertical stainless steel wires and tubing.

This all forms part of a home that is settled in it’s surroundings making use of the breezes that move along the river and the north/ south ventilation through the high set windows between the opposing rooflines.