On the 1st March 2008, Hyne is introducing the following changes to the Truebeams range, both to enhance the package and to enable it to better meet your engineered timber requirements for the future.

Here is a summary of what is involved.

Hyne I Beam

Hyne I Beam sizes have been rationalised. The four sizes will be - 200 x 90, 245 x 90, 300 x 90 and 360 x 90.

Designers and builders prefer I Beams with solid timber flanges for many practical reasons. Hyne has also experienced an ever increasing demand for Hyne I Beams. To enable it to keep supplying solid softwood flanges and continue to meet market demand, it has changed the flange size to 90 x 35.

This means that there are some variations to spans but these are minor. Importantly, from 1st March 2008, all Hyne I Beams will need to be used in accordance with the revised designs and spans.

Hyne LVL

Hyne LVL will replace Hyne LGL as its primary Truebeam for those specific end-uses that Hyne LGL has previously been supplied. Instead of Hyne offering LGL as an alternative to LVL, Hyne now has Hyne LVL.

Importantly, in most instances where Hyne LGL has been specified, you will be able to substitute Hyne LVL, so this transition will be straight - forward and uncomplicated.

H3 treated Hyne LGL will still be available for weather exposed applications in tropical Queensland.

Hyne Primed

Hyne Primed is Hyne’s new range of Truebeams for outdoor above ground applications. Engineered with GL8 properties, this finger-jointed and laminated range of posts, beams, rafters and joists is dressed, sanded, H3 treated and then primed making it ideal for decks, verandahs, carports and pergolas where both structural integrity and good appearance are both necessary.

Hyne Design

To assist these changes to Hyne Truebeams, Hyne has added the new Hyne LVL and Hyne Primed to Design in Hyne. Hyne’s technical team have discs available to update your current version or alternatively you can download the update from the Hyne website.