James Cubitt Architects (JCA) were appointed by the University of New England to undertake the design of a new Greenhouse Precinct, which included the Potting Shed and two new Glasshouses.

Armidale is a significant regional centre and has a long and prosperous history with a strong connection to the land and agriculture. It was during a visit to Armidale and a scenic drive of the region that the language of the ‘Shed’ become the vernacular that JCA sought to deliver - a re imagining of a traditional Australian icon.

Hyne Timber 's beam solution helped achieve the structural requirements, whilst a softness of colour made more dramatic by the extent of natural light. For instance, the use of laminated timber beams offered the clear floor span required of the Potting Shed.

Timber remains a prominent feature within the Potting Shed - Plywood ceilings compliment the strength of the Hyne Laminated Beams similar to the branches and canopy of a tree. The Potting Shed captures a playful, romantic yet contemporary approach to the traditional shed.

Hyne Timber products used
  • Rafters 525 x 85 Hynebeam17S Select Grade LOSP H3
  • Columns 525 x 85 Hynebeam 17S Select Grade LOSP H3
  • Purlins 65 x 65 Hynebeam 17S Select Grade LOSP H3
  • Connections 525 x 25mm 4 Bar Flange Connection