Hyne Timber has congratulated Richard Kirk Architect and Hassell for winning in three categories at this year’s National Architecture Awards.

Richard Kirk Architect and Hassell won three awards for their University of Queensland GHD Auditorium, Advanced Engineering Building joint venture. The awards included the Sir Zelman Cowan Award in the Public Architecture Awards category; the Emil Sodersten Award in Interior Architecture category; and National Award in the Sustainable Architecture category.

John Hesse, Glulam Sales Manager at Hyne Timber said he was pleased to read the Awards Citations by the Jury, which acknowledged the use of Queensland Timber and the 5 Star Green Rating of the Building. The Jury also acknowledged the softness more usually associated with residential architecture as a result of the architects’ use of timber.

John Hesse commented that the Hyne Glulam plant worked on the project over a number of months using 2000 pages of drawings. The beams were Hyne beam 21 unique to Hyne Timber and made using local Queensland hardwoods, and the assembled trusses were so large they had to be transported in the middle of the night.

The architects also won the Engineered Timber category in the Australian Timber Design Awards earlier this year.