Hyne flooring from Hyne Timber is kiln dried and expertly manufactured to ensure the consistency, stability and robustness of the end product. The timber Hyne use is supplied from managed native hardwood forests and comes in two different grades. These are:

Premium grade
Boards are selected that show a minimal number of natural features and have rich colours and grain patterns exposed.

Character or standard grade
These boards have some natural features, for example gum veins, insect markings, surface checks and small knots. The presence of these natural features is always balanced against the overall durability and structural performance of the board.

Hyne flooring is versatile and can be installed in a number of ways. These are:

  • Conventional - over bearers and joints
  • On slab - fixed to seasoned timber battens
  • On slab - fixed to structural ply
  • Platform floor - fixed to plywood or particleboard
The flooring is low maintenance and suitable for use in homes, townhouses, offices, restaurants, hotels, recreational and public buildings.