Despite the challenges presented by the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, the Hyne Community Trust is on track to open the 2020 grants for Tumbarumba region applicants as usual on 1 June.

According to Trust Chair Dale McLachlan, there was some concern due to COVID-19 whether the grants should be deferred.

However, following an extraordinary meeting held to discuss the timing of the 2020 grants, the Trust Directors decided that the program should continue on schedule, especially now more than ever when community organisations need funding for initiatives that could provide lasting benefits to the Tumbarumba community.

Given the current lockdown, the entire application process has been moved online; therefore, hard copies of the guidelines and application forms won’t be available.

“The guidelines have been amended so if applicants are constrained to meet the application process due to COVID-19 related challenges, for example, the ability to provide two quotes, the Trust Committee remains agile to consider extensions on a case-by-case basis,” McLachlan explained.

“Many local organisations are having to work differently if they are able to operate at all during this difficult time.

“However, we ask that consideration be given to how, if financially supported to do so, they could improve to provide more and lasting benefit to the community.

“Where such improvements can be undertaken safely and in accordance with the current restrictions sooner rather than later, grants will be awarded accordingly.

“If successful applications cannot proceed until restrictions are lifted, then grants can be pledged.”

“This is a time for community organisations to virtually get together and start considering whether they have an eligible initiative to apply for in June,” McLachlan concluded.

Established in Tumbarumba in 2007, the Hyne Community Trust has contributed over $500,000 to date for various local community initiatives.