Housing Industry Association recognised some of the best work in environmentally-responsible housing at the recent 2014 HIA GreenSmart Awards.

Designer Construction Group won the prestigious 2014 HIA GreenSmart Home of the Year award, the highest accolade at the national awards program, for their Forest Lodge Eco Home.

HIA Managing Director Shane Goodwin congratulated all the winners, and said the annual HIA GreenSmart Awards set the benchmark in progressive sustainable building techniques and products.

Observing the increasing consumer demand for practical, affordable and durable environmental solutions in the residential housing segment, Mr Goodwin said the HIA GreenSmart program was a voluntary initiative and one which HIA members could incorporate into their building practices. The GreenSmart Awards recognise the high standards and excellence among these practitioners.

Winners of HIA GreenSmart Awards

Designer Construction Group of NSW was awarded GreenSmart Home of the Year and the GreenSmart Custom Built Home awards. According to the judges, the home features a garden green roof to collect energy, heat and water, embracing ground-breaking technology and age old principles. GreenSmart Custom Built Home award is partnered by Stratco Australia.

MyStyle Homes from North Queensland won GreenSmart Display Home award partnered by CSR, for an 8.5 star energy rated home where on-site power generation allows the building to go off the grid.

Right Homes of Western Australia won GreenSmart Townhouse/Villa Development award partnered by Austral for maximising the building envelope of four solar passive designed townhouses, with all units using a range of different building materials to contribute to efficiency ratings of up to 10 stars.

your abode of NSW won GreenSmart Renovation/Addition Project award partnered by Origin for building a light-filled home responsive to seasonal climate changes. According to the judges, two gable roofs running north-south with windows at each end provide natural light and passive solar heat gain in winter.

MAG Constructions, DNA Architects and Karin McNamara Design of the ACT won GreenSmart Energy Efficiency award for a rotating home designed to achieve the best solar orientation and provide constant comfort for the occupants. The home also features a clever and compact design that minimises space and material waste and is a great engineering feat carried out with finesse, according to the judges. GreenSmart Energy Efficiency is partnered by Origin.

Killarney Homes of the Northern Territory won GreenSmart Spec Home award, partnered by Bupa HIA Health Plan. Apart from its distinct architectural character, the home’s design was also appreciated for promoting energy efficiency as well as comfort and health of its occupants.

Positive Footprints of Victoria won GreenSmart Project Home award, partnered by Austral. A holistic example of modern sustainable living embodying sustainability, the home features reverse brick veneer construction, waffle slab and lightweight claddings.

Jake Hickey of Instant Waste Management, Western Australian won GreenSmart Professional award, partnered by CSR, for developing a construction and demolition material recovery facility and recycling system, which reduces construction waste and promotes the reuse of recycled materials.

Highbury Homes and Solar Dwellings of Western Australia won GreenSmart Water Efficiency award partnered by Stratco Australia. A first-rate example of a resource efficient home featuring high efficiency shower heads, tapware and appliances, the house has a direct diversion grey water system to provide irrigation to the garden and a rainwater tank for all internal use.

GreenCoWater of Victoria won GreenSmart Product award for their Pak Flat Tank, an innovative and inexpensive Australian-made product designed to eliminate the high logistic cost of delivering and installing standard tanks. GreenSmart Product is partnered by HIA Insurance Services.