The Vario-Pergola self-supporting sunroof from Helioscreen provides break out areas for commercial buildings as well as residential courtyards, decks and outdoor living areas.

These retractable, pergola awnings are custom-made by Helioscreen and offer respite from the elements, rain or shine, while enjoying a delicious meal outdoors.

The Pergola awnings are made from lightweight but strong Helio 100 colourfast acrylic fabric, are made-to-measure and are available in a huge range of colours.

They are also available in Helio 93 and Helio 86 fabric, a premium architectural mesh textile designed to reduce heat and glare.

Based on the popular Varioscreen system by Helioscreen, the awnings feature integrated side gutters that allow you take make use of your outdoor areas in the light rain.

The awnings are easy to install and can be installed by using wall or ceiling brackets, as the Vario-Pergola awnings supports themselves on 60x60mm square front posts.

The Vario-Pergola self-supporting sunroof comes with a five year warranty that covers the system, fabric and motor for the full 5 year period.