Available from CSR Hebel , PowerClad cladding systems have been specifically developed for homes that are constructed using timber or steel framing. PowerClad is suitable for use in new dwelling construction, second storey additions, extensions, and for re-cladding.

Hebel PowerClad is a cladding system using 1350mm and 1800mm steel-reinforced AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete) panels simply glued and screwed to an adjustable channel system to provide a flat surface for a beautiful render finish.

The system consists of 75mm thick steel-reinforced Hebel PowerClad Panels, installed horizontally and secured to Hebel PowerClad Channels. The channels are secured to the frame using PowerClad brackets.

These cladding systems are easily worked with standard tools and are simple to install, requiring just 2 people to position the panels without the need for lifting equipment.

The cladding panels are fire resistant and have a fire rating of up to 90 minutes, meaning a home can be built right up to the boundary line.

An 1800mm PowerClad panel is equivalent in area to 53 bricks and takes a fraction of the time to put in place. Hebel PowerClad also offers extra thermal efficiency, ensuring reduced heating and cooling costs.