Sydney developer ALAND chose Hebel PowerPattern panels to bring their creative vision to life at their Schofield Gardens project in Sydney’s North-west.

An Australian-owned family company with over 20 years of experience, ALAND places great importance on combining structural integrity with visually appealing facades that are perfectly integrated into the native landscape. Going beyond constructing buildings, the developer aims to create a sense of place and develop communities that grow more desirable with age, enhance the local landscape and offer an exceptional value proposition.

“The vision for Schofield Gardens was to offer a premium living environment defined by lush landscaped gardens that created a feeling of warmth and communal living in a contemporary residential environment,” said ALAND's project team for Schofield Gardens.

“The exterior of the building was particularly important, as in order for it to interact with the natural surrounds of the green fields and nearby bushlands, it needed to look visually appealing, modern and sleek without overshadowing or contradicting the encircling environment. Hebel PowerPattern was a fantastic opportunity for us to expand our design portfolio.”

The Hebel PowerPattern range features a collection of patterns, which are pre-routed onto Hebel panels. Modular in design and created specifically to complement other panels in the collection, each panel is custom made to order and can be painted, and also rendered to achieve speciality finishes including metallic, sandstone or polished concrete finishes.

Given their focus on building high quality projects that are both visually appealing and of the highest standard, ALAND was especially impressed with the ability of the Hebel PowerPattern range to achieve a variety of design options, while offering all the benefits of AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) including fire rating compliance and fast construction times. The non-combustible panels contain steel reinforcement for added strength and an anti-corrosion layer on the steel for maximum durability.

“In this first stage of our Schofield Gardens development called Bottlebrush, the use of the premium precast materials that Hebel are renowned for helped increase efficiency in construction and development. The incorporation of the Prism panels from PowerPattern then added visual appeal whilst enhancing the overall aesthetic.

“Settlements began at Bottlebrush, Schofield Gardens in November 2020 with 95% of the apartments sold before the development was complete. We also have apartments in the next four stages of the development in which other PowerPattern designs such as Geometric pattern will feature.”

From a design standpoint, the team at ALAND ''appreciate how Hebel PowerPattern allows us to add additional design elements to our projects, which fits perfectly with our mission to build facades that enhance the environment and landscape”.

“Hebel PowerPattern adds an extra element to our projects, and while we as developers appreciate the longevity, ease of construction and structural integrity of the Hebel panels, our customers love the sleek and modern façade. In fact, the feedback we’ve been given from the residents of Schofield Gardens is that the look and feel of the building makes them proud to call it their home, which is extremely gratifying for all our team.”