Hebel introduces a new world-class lightweight AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) building panel designed as a faster and more efficient way to build residential walls with significant cost savings.

Hebel’s new PowerPanel XL is suitable for houses and low-rise residential external wall applications. The Hebel PowerPanel XL external wall system has been designed for homes built using timber or steel framing, including home extensions and second storey additions. PowerPanel XL is also suitable for the re-cladding of existing homes.

At 20% lighter in weight than Hebel’s current 75mm panel, PowerPanel XL allows for faster installation and significantly less labour compared to traditional masonry construction techniques. 

Additionally, Hebel has further streamlined the construction process by developing a patented perforated top hat and easier-to-fix screws, both of which assist to speed up installation time, leading to savings in labour and construction costs. The 75mm thick, steel-reinforced Hebel PowerPanel XL panels are fixed vertically to the horizontal perforated battens, which are directly attached to the load-bearing frame. External walls can be installed using the new PowerPanel XL system in around 3-4 days. 

Used in Australian homes for more than 20 years and in European homes since the 1950s, Hebel AAC building panels offer proven performance benefits. 

The 75mm thick Hebel PowerPanel XL building panel has up to three times the insulation R-value of a traditional 110mm house brick. This unique combination of thermal resistance and thermal mass in Hebel PowerPanel XL provides a comfortable and efficient living environment, reducing reliance on heating and cooling appliances, and assisting with lower energy costs.

Hebel PowerPanel XL also offers flexibility in design by adding colour, shape and flair to a rendered facade, entry or feature wall. 

Hebel PowerPanel XL is responsible for 64% and 55% less greenhouse gas emissions than solid concrete and brick veneer respectively; Hebel has been awarded a GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certification for Hebel PowerPanel.

Being a durable cement based product, Hebel PowerPanel XL will not rot or burn; is not a food source for termites; is unaffected by sunlight; is not adversely affected by above-normal temperature ranges; is one quarter the weight of conventional concrete; and is solid and strong with corrosion protection coated steel reinforcement.

Hebel systems meet and exceed the Building Code of Australia (BCA) minimum energy requirements, have certified fire resistance properties suitable for many residential and commercial FRL applications, and offer proven soundproofing qualities in residential external walls and BCA inter-tenancy wall systems.