When you want to introduce rustic charm, warmth and a connection to nature into your design, do it in a sustainable way with genuine recycled timber from Havwoods.

Havwoods Reclaimed Barn Oak is salvaged timber sourced from old European barns and other wooden buildings, and then lovingly repaired by skilled craftsmen by hand. The salvaged timber boards are planed, profiled and sanded into beautiful, high quality engineered planks using modern 21st century production techniques.

Thanks to the value addition, you can enjoy all the beauty and uniqueness of genuine recycled timber with the stability and durability of a brand new timber plank, ready to begin their life all over again as a beautiful timber floor, wall, joinery or any other statement piece within your stunning interior design projects.

Havwoods’ RECM2025 Reclaimed Barn Oak engineered timber flooring is genuine recycled European Oak and is stable enough to be fitted over underfloor heating. Contact Havwoods to know more.