Light timber flooring is certainly a popular choice, but over the last few months we have seen an increase in interest for dark timber flooring.

Dark flooring is an exceptional choice for projects where the owner is seeking an interior element that adds a touch of class, interest, or differentiation to a space.

Havwoods spoke with Court and Riss from Bone + Blanc Interior Design Studio about how dark flooring can be a statement choice and what to consider when choosing a dark floor for your project.

What is it about dark floors that is appealing for certain projects?

We think that choosing dark floors can really add richness and an element of class and sophistication within the home that light flooring just can’t achieve. Dark floors are truly a statement and when paired with lighter elements, can ground a whole space.

Is there a certain style of project that really suits dark floors? 

We find that dark flooring definitely has its place and lends itself to certain styles. You can primarily make darker flooring work in a traditional, minimalist, modern or art deco space. 

What are some considerations when choosing dark flooring?

Choosing the right shade of dark flooring is also important. Always look at your undertones and the other colours you will have in the space to make sure it all flows and complements each other nicely. There are so many shades of darker flooring so you will need to decide whether you want to go a lighter brown or if you want to go really dramatic and go to an ebony.

It’s also important to think about your lifestyle and how your family lives. You will find that you do see more dirt, dust and animal hair on dark floors, which means they are a little more high maintenance (but totally worth it in our opinion).

Can dark floors make your space look smaller?

One of the key concerns we hear regarding choosing a dark timber floor is ‘will dark floors make my space feel smaller?’.

Dark floors can make a space look smaller, but this will largely depend on how much natural lighting there is and the colour tone of the other finishes in the space. Making sure there is plenty of natural light and choosing lighter finishes to create contrast will work in your advantage.

And remember, it also depends on the size of your space to begin with and the feel you are aiming to achieve, if it’s already a large space or if it’s very open, dark floors can be used to create a more intimate and cosy feeling. 

What about using dark floors in commercial spaces?

The above considerations also apply for using dark flooring in office, hospitality and retail settings. Consider the overall style and desired feel of the space, the other elements and colours and think about how it will be used.

There are many examples of using darker flooring options in various commercial spaces that have resulted in a beautiful project.

Havwoods has a large range of dark timber flooring. If you would like to speak with a Havwoods Consultant about using dark wood floors in your next project, book an in-person or virtual consult today.