The Havwoods PurePlank collection ticks all 10 third party principles in responsible forest management, from conserving and maintaining the ecosystems in which our timber is sourced, to maintaining or enhancing the social and economic wellbeing of the workers in these forests. Read more about how our PurePlank products meet the requirements for FSC certification (C009500).

PurePlank – a role model collection for sustainability

Havwoods are renowned for not only our European standard of quality and breadth of product options, but also for offering a large range of products that are not only sustainable, but also third party sustainably certified. Our PurePlank collection is a shining example for this, with the entire range carrying third party certification – FSC certified (C009500).


HW2130 Allevard PurePlank timber flooring | The Crescent Mosman Village

Sustainability as a core focus

Sustainability has long been a core focus for Havwoods. Our partners and products go through a strict auditing process to ensure all our timber products are sourced from both ethically and environmentally sustainable sources. All of our products are also manufactured to meet the European standards of quality as these standards are the highest available.

With our PurePlank collection, we have been able to take it further, with the addition of FSC certification. We work closely with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to ensure we are leading the way in sourcing responsibly forested timber products that we can be proud of.


HW2214 Clermont PurePlank timber flooring | QBE Building, Sydney

The 10 principles for responsible forest management

The Forest Stewardship Council or FSC is a not-for-profit organisation established to champion the sustainable management of the world’s forests. They have established 10 principles for responsible forest management that are required to be met by organisations such as Havwoods, seeking certification:

  1. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and nationally ratified international treaties, conventions and agreements.
  2. Maintain or enhance the social and economic wellbeing of workers.
  3. Identify and uphold Indigenous Peoples’ legal and customary rights of ownership, use and management of land, territories and resources affected by management activities.
  4. Contribute to maintaining or enhancing the social and economic wellbeing of local communities.
  5. Efficiently manage the range of multiple products and services of the Management Unit to maintain or enhance long term economic viability and the range of environmental and social benefits.
  6. Maintain, conserve and/or restore ecosystem services and environmental values of the Management Unit, and avoid, repair or mitigate negative environmental impacts.
  7. Have a management plan consistent with policies and objectives and proportionate to scale, intensity and risks of its management activities. The management plan shall be implemented and kept up to date based on monitoring information in order to promote adaptive management. The associated planning and procedural documentation shall be sufficient to guide staff, inform affected stakeholders and interested stakeholders, and justify management decisions.
  8. Demonstrate that progress towards achieving the management objectives, the impacts of management activities and the condition of the Management Unit are monitored and evaluated proportionate to the scale, intensity and risk of management activities, in order to implement adaptive management.
  9. Maintain and/or enhance the High Conservation Values in the Management Unit through applying the precautionary approach.
  10. Ensure that management activities conducted by or for the organisation for the Management Unit shall be selected and implemented consistent with the organisation’s economic, environmental and social policies and objectives and in compliance with the Principles and Criteria collectively.


HW2208 Alsace PurePlank timber flooring | Maximus Office, Sydney

Timber that ticks all the boxes

The Havwoods PurePlank collection ticks all 10 principles in responsible forest management, from conserving and maintaining the ecosystems in which our timber is sourced, to maintaining or enhancing the social and economic wellbeing of the workers in these forests.

Constructed with a responsibly sourced European Oak top layer and an engineered construction for strength and stability, our PurePlank collection delivers a large range of stunning finishes, covering a large spectrum of beautiful tones. With PurePlank, you can ensure your timber flooring or interior wood cladding meets your personal, or your client's goals for sustainability, and any required certification for green builds.


HW2042 Bandol PurePlank timber flooring | McGregor St Home, Victoria

Choose the right wood

If you are searching for a beautiful European Oak timber flooring product that requires a trusted third party certification for a green build, or that aligns with your values in sustainability, PurePlank is your perfect match.

Explore our PurePlank collection or get in touch for more information or guidance from our experts.