Blanco herringbone boards from Havwoods were part of the high quality hard finishes selected for the renovation of an apartment at the Bayswater residential project in London.

Located on the bustling Porchester Road in London, the Bayswater development occupied a prime location with plenty of potential to create a stunning home. Since the property had not been updated for over 30 years, it was in need of a major renovation. Additionally, the apartment had a confusing layout, making it appear even more compact and dated.

Designer Harris & Home was engaged by the client to carry out a complete refurbishment that would increase the demand for the property when brought to market. The client’s brief sought to introduce a contemporary feel throughout the interior design, while also adding bespoke elements that would inject personality and character into the apartment. The apartment also needed to appeal to a broad market, which meant the design needed to get the balance right.

Havwoods worked alongside the designers to create a space that would look impressive, even when stripped of all its furnishings. This meant ensuring that all the hard finishes were of high-end quality, and visually appealing on their own.

A key element of the renovation, the flooring connected the living spaces with the entrance and the bespoke staircase. Located on the first floor, the apartment features its own entrance. The staircase was finished to match the Havwoods flooring to ensure continuity. Blanco herringbone flooring boards, featuring a distinctive light finish, provided a stunning addition to the home, while bespoke joinery in various finishes was used to zone the areas.

Following the renovation, the apartment has been transformed into a contemporary, yet inviting home that will be enjoyed for the next 30 years and even beyond.