The Designer Lining range of 130mm and 90mm prefinished timber lining boards from Glosswood is also available in Spotted Gum colour.

In this particular project, the Midcentury Wall, Perth interior designer Chloe Gordini loved the idea of offsetting panels to bring extra texture and interest to the wood. Available in one-, two-, three- and four-profile options, the boards were originally specified in the one-profile option, which was subsequently changed to the four-profile to provide a more refined and textural finish.

The Midcentury Wall features three panels, cut from the same 3.6m long board, with each panel measuring 1.2m. The top and bottom panels are offset to create the visual interest.

Designer Lining is a range of prefinished timber lining boards featuring four deep-cut profiles in a matte finish. Being prefinished, no sanding, painting, varnishing or tricky carpentry is needed. Key features also include a V-joint tongue-and-groove profile for easy installation; panels measuring 170mm wide, 26mm thick and 2.4m and 3.6m lengths; and matching trims and mouldings.

The Midcentury Wall

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