Available from Global Concrete Solutions , Ultra Surface1/4 inch stamped concrete overlay can be used for internal and external applications and can be applied over existing concrete.

With an extensive range of patterns and colors available, the ¼ inch stamped concrete overlay provides an effective solution to making an attractive surface out of plain concrete. The stamped concrete can be used in vertical or horizontal applications. 

Acid staining, dyeing or colour release techniques can be used with the polymer based cementitious product to obtain desired results. An extensive range of interchangeable stamp patterns are available with the ¼ inch stamped concrete overlay, allowing brick or flag stone borders to be combined with a slate middle.

Ultra Surface ¼ inch stamped concrete overlay can reduce costs associated with removal of existing surfaces and can also replicate wood effectively.

Using a liquid release method, the ¼ inch stamped concrete overlay is fast and simple to install and is flexible, hard wearing and resistant to salt and freeze/thaw damage in colder climates.

Ultra Surface can be used horizontally and vertically for custom designs.