Geberit Pluvia siphonic drainage system replaced the originally specified conventional drainage system to resolve design challenges during the construction of the UniLodge in Brisbane.

Located in South Bank, UniLodge is a 15-storey building, custom-designed for student accommodation and conveniently located in the heart of Brisbane, close to major universities, transport facilities, restaurants, gardens, shops, markets and events.

The original specifications called for a conventional drainage system, creating numerous challenges for fireproofing and requiring coordination with other services. Seeking cost-saving, innovative solutions to overcome these challenges, the hydraulic contractor, Beavis and Bartels approached Geberit based on their previous experience with siphonic drainage.

Key challenges included the need to coordinate the pipe layout with other services as well as running pipe to avoid reduction of ceiling heights and complying with strict fire regulations. A conventional drainage system would not allow this flexibility.

Since siphonic drainage could be laid without slope, the contractors could reroute siphonic pipes through hallways as 110mm pipe, instead of 150mm and then as a single 110mm downpipe. This not only minimised loss of ceiling space and sound impacts inside living areas but also reduced the need for fireproofing measures for pipe penetrations between compartments.

Thanks to the Geberit siphonic drainage solution, Beavis and Bartels realised significant savings for the project by installing just 5 downpipes instead of 25 downpipes, saving 1000m of 150mm pipe and 300 of 150mm fire collars while increasing saleable area by 75 square metres.