Provider of commercial water control products, Galvin Engineering offers the DB4D12S square bucket floor trap arrestor.

With a PVC deep body, Ni-Bz Sq grate and dual strainer, these bucket trap floor drains are available in nickel bronze or stainless steel assembly with the nickel bronze units being approved to AS 1589.

These square bucket floor drain arrestors also feature a 304 stainless steel primary strainer basket with a secondary 304 stainless steel disc strainer.

Ideal for a range of commercial applications such as kitchens, food preparation areas, shopping centres and health care facilities, DB4D12S square bucket floor trap arrestors feature a threaded BSP with 304 stainless steel lock down allen key screws and a machined or linished surface.

They have also been load tested to a minimum rating of Class B.

For more information on the DB4D12S square bucket floor trap arrestor please contact Galvin Engineering.