The global pandemic has put the spotlight on hygiene and sanitation with various solutions being recommended to keep germs at bay.

Surfaces are particularly under the scanner because of the high risk of cross-contamination, especially in locations that draw a lot of traffic. Germs can spread through door handles, taps and similar elements, increasing the risk of infection within the community.

One way to reduce the threat of cross-contamination is through the use of handles with germ protection.

Galvin Engineering introduces germ-shield®, a new range of antimicrobial handles featuring a special coating that provides effective control against bacteria, mould and fungi thanks to its silver micro composites. 

The Ag+ silver ions in the antimicrobial coating on the handle interact with bacteria cells to damage the cell membrane1, displace Ca2+ and Zn2+ ions1, and act on cell molecules containing sulphur, oxygen or nitrogen2.

Silver ions working

Galvin’s germ-shield® antimicrobial handles deliver multiple benefits to the application environment by reducing colony-forming units by 99.996%*; protecting against 650-plus species of bacteria commonly found in healthcare facilities; and delivering proven high durability and resistance to alcohol wipes (IPA) and most cleaning solvents.

The handles are also non-toxic, and come with an aesthetically pleasing satin finish that makes it distinguishable from non-antimicrobial handles.

Contact Galvin Engineering to add germ-shield® to your tapware selection.


1 Sondi I, et al. Journal of Colloid Interface Science, 2004, 275: 177-182

2 Dowling DP, et al., Thin Solid Films, 2001, 398: 602-606

* Tested against Staphylococcus Aureus (golden staph) and Escherichia Coli according to industry standard JIS Z 2801:200 by Monash University in January 2009 – these claims are supported for Australia only.