Chris and Paul Galvin, the 3rd generation owners of Galvin Engineering, are excited to announce that Galvin Engineering has officially become a 4th generation family business. Tim Galvin, a 4th generation family member, has accepted an offer to purchase shares in the company, and is now an owner and director of the business.

Introducing Galvin Engineering Gen 4.0

Tim Galvin is a millennial, and over the last 7 years of working in the business, has successfully led the company’s digitisation strategy as our head of IT&C. He will continue to bring the energy and expertise needed to support our people in achieving our mission of becoming the ‘leaders in safe, green, and smart water solutions for high risk and high care environments’.

This multi-decade ownership succession is a key pillar of our Galvin 4.0 long term strategy. Specifiers, customers, suppliers, and our amazing team, can feel confident that we will continue to offer reliability, back-up service, technical expertise, and innovative products, well into the 21st century.

Paul and Chris remain as majority shareholders and executive directors, and as before will continue to closely support and guide our brilliant Key Leadership Team (KLT). Our Board of Advice (BoA) also remains unchanged, with Kerry Skellern continuing in her important role as chairperson.

The KLT will continue to manage the day-to-day operations of the business under the strong leadership of Peter Adam in his role as CEO, and Tim will continue reporting to Peter in his current role as head of IT&C.

As we have done over many years, we look forward to working with you well into the future. We are passionate about continuing to live our unique culture, build future leaders, and deliver on our purpose of providing ‘Water Solutions for a Healthier Environment’.