There has never been a more pressing time to create innovative solutions to ensure safety in design for Mental Health Care Facilities, with the World Health Organization (WHO) estimating that around 450 million people will suffer from mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives.[1] This means that mental illness is among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide.[2]  Alongside these figures, current global predictions indicate that, by 2030, depression will be the leading cause of disease.[3]

With a significant portion of the population affected, it is essential that the design industry aims to create health facilities that promote hope, healing and recovery.  Galvin Specialised has published a white paper that highlights the wide array of water solutions for mental health care facilities. The brochure showcases the specialised taps and fixtures which are recognised as the most effective and failsafe anti-ligature solutions available.  There is emerging emphasis on the restorative powers of mental health facility design to incorporate home-like, non-institutional and patient-centred environments by balancing a normalised environment.  As well as achieving optimal safety and security, it is important that the design industry creates the perfect medium, accomplishing both these objectives.

In addition to creating a familiar environment, safety and security are also at the forefront of Galvin Specialised’s state-of-the-art mental health products, addressing common issues that are presented in a mental health environment, and preventing risk for patients to ensure safety and well-being. 

Most importantly, the key considerations for all mental health care facilities are:

  • Preventing the risk of self-harm,
  • Reducing the likelihood of absconding
  • Deterring violence, and
  • Creating a positive environment for the likely progress towards rehabilitation.[4]

At the top of the priority list of any mental health project is for patients to be accommodated in the safest environment possible and for staff to be kept from harm’s way. That means free from potential life threatening situations, such as those presented by ligature points. It is paramount in creating a safe environment that everyone within the facility feels protected, whilst still allowing for free movement and sense of belonging.

Galvin Specialised has extensive industry experience assisting and supporting projects in the health sector, with products being used in various developments around Australia. Galvin Specialised is the trusted provider of reliable service and robust products. By specifying Galvin Specialised products you will be guaranteeing water solutions for better health and safer communities.

To view Galvin Specialised’s white paper highlighting the intelligently designed mental health care products, ranging from basins, water management systems, toilet pans, shower drains, controllers and adaptors, click here.

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