Norma Tahhan-Khoury is a Sydney-based artist and has an extensive knowledge of drawing and painting, acquired in various universities and colleges.

Norma Tahhan-Khoury has undertaken many travels within Australia and abroad for artistic research and this is reflected in her many art works.

After numerous exhibitions including Solo Exhibitions at The Seymour Theatre Centre, Star City, The New England Regional Art Museum and Customs House, it is clear that

Tahhan-Khoury’s artistic practice is dedicated, professional and consistent.

Norma Tahhan-Khoury work has been represented in numerous Private and Corporate Collections throughout Australia, USA, Lebanon and New Zealand.

Tahhan-Khoury’s work has been featured in many newspapers and publications including the Daily Telegraph, Black & White and on television.

Norma Tahhan-Khoury’s personal experience and her love for life materialise in the powerful and dynamic images she creates. Her paintings and drawings are rich and reflect the intensity of her personal experience.

Norma Tahhan-Khoury’s works are spontaneous and direct. Her initial idea soon unravels to reveal a work embedded in reality.

Ella Szpindler’s paintings are on display at gallery41.