In 1997, G. James designed and manufactured the first trestle safety systems. This development revolutionised safety by not only delivering secure work platforms but also by reducing down time on sites.

Since then, G.James Glass & Aluminium has developed these work platforms by combining a range of dedicated componentry and lightweight aluminium construction.

The G. James work platforms are quick and easy to erect and re-locate and feature easy-to-attach handrails and handrail posts.

Other specifications of these work platforms include:

  • 225 kg workload limit (WLL)
  • Height adjustable trestle legs (up to 250mm adjustment)
  • Trestle stay prevents the trestle from folding while in use and during re-location
  • Trestle outrigger and pivotal graspers to cope with uneven site conditions
  • Planks are fitted with rubber strips both sides and available in a variety of lengths