Fujitsu’s next generation Airstage V-Series system was launched at this year’s ARBS exhibition. The new V-Series is a high performance multi-air conditioning VRF solution designed to service a variety of commercial applications.

Making installation easier in large buildings, the Airstage V-Series has been designed with a longer piping system. Pipes of up to 150 metres in length can be connected between units while a pipe length of up to 60 metres can be connected from the first separation tube to the furthest indoor unit.

Improvements to the compressor operation and the introduction of a primary inverter compressor means the Airstage V-Series is better equipped to maintain a constant and comfortable indoor environment all year round. New compressor rotation control also equalises the load on each compressor to make the air conditioning system more durable and reliable. Further optimising compressor efficiency is a three-way oil control system.

High precision control technology enables the Airstage V-Series to maintain the set room temperature to within 0.5 of a degree. This is achieved by smooth refrigerant flow which is controlled by inverter technology and room feedback from the indoor unit’s electronic expansion valve.

The ability to connect three outdoor units together in series with capacities ranging between 22.4 and 120kW offers greater design freedom. Combining with an indoor unit connection ratio of between 50 to 150 per cent of the outdoor unit’s capacity, the Airstage V-Series achieves the industry’s highest level of diversification. Up to 48 indoor units are capable of running on the one refrigerant system.

Flexible in design, the AirStage V-Series air conditioning system can be configured with a combination of indoor units to suit the precise air conditioning needs of specific rooms. With a choice between cassette, ducted and wall mounted indoor units, the AirStage V-Series is easy to install in both new and pre-existing buildings.

Offering a variety of control systems, the Airstage V-Series air conditioning system supports every user’s needs. The system can be managed through either individual control, central control or a building management system.