With Group 1 Fire Rated solutions from EGGER, MEGANITE and DESIGNER PLY, ForestOne helps architects, designers and builders meet strict BCA regulations without compromising on design integrity. Pre-finished for ease of installation and with a Certificate of Conformity or applicable Group 1 certificate supplied, the ForestOne premium range ensures both design flexibility and safety are prioritised in any setting where a Group 1 Fire Rating is required.

EGGER Eurodekor Flammex is a maintenance-free and durable Group 1 fire-rated product for walls, ceilings and joinery. Cost effective, antibacterial and with low smoke emissivity, Eurodekor Flammex is also produced with sustainability as a priority, responding to the growing need for responsibly manufactured materials. The Flammex product range is available in Eurodekor melamine faced chipboard in a number of on-trend colours combining design freedom with safety compliance.

Alongside Eurodekor Flammex, ForestOne supplies FR+, a premium factory-applied intumescent treatment for natural timber substrates that achieves a Group 1 fire rating. Specifically designed for wall and ceiling linings, FR+ is treated by a trained and accredited applicator under National Construction Code (NCC) guidelines. Further increasing the opportunities for creativity and flair, ForestOne’s FR+ can be applied to several timber substrates including DESIGNER PLY, DESIGNER OSB, DESIGNER VENEER, particleboard and MDF. Additionally, the FR+ system works in unison with perforated DESIGNER PLY panels, adhering to strict NCC guidelines as the coating is administered on both sides of the panel and inside the perforations. FR+ is one of the few perforated products available in the Australian market that achieves a Group 1 fire rating.

As an additional fire-rated solution, MEGANITE’s range of acrylic surfaces offers yet another Group 1 option that is both functional and fashionable in applications where Group 1 products are required. Overcoming the difficulties associated with finding a Group 1 Fire Rated material for wall linings and joinery, with a vast range of decors that allow designers to create uninhibited by the limitations of fire rating requirements, MEGANITE acrylic surfaces are a proven decorative choice. Offering 45 colour options, MEGANITE is a sleek, luxurious finish ideal for commercial lobbies and hotels. Additionally, MEGANITE can be combined with EGGER Eurodekor Flammex for interior surfaces of superior durability and versatility.

Through premium products from EGGER, MEGANITE and DESIGNER PLY, architects, designers and builders are assured of easily meeting fire-rating standards. With this wide range of Group 1 Fire Rated solutions, ForestOne commits to ensuring compliance with strict regulations - without placing undue limitations on design freedom.

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