EGGER GreenTec is a sustainable and durable range of wood-based laminate flooring products designed to suit both residential and commercial projects. Combining a sustainable production process with easy application, GreenTec flooring is robust, stain-resistant and water-repellent, making it ideal for use in diverse environments.

Standing up to the rigours of everyday use, GreenTec flooring by EGGER combines comfort and functionality across its versatile options, while offering a range of benefits for homes as well as commercial premises. These benefits include a 25-year warranty for residential specifiers and a five-year warranty with commercial use. Delivered with a high-quality polish, the robust flooring is produced in two plank sizes, Classic and Large, with a selection of seven finishes.

EGGER GreenTec

GreenTec flooring’s innovative wear layer provides resistance against micro-scratches as well as moisture with a 72-hour water-resistant surface. Featuring an integrated sound barrier mat made of recycled cork, the laminate flooring has an additional R10/P4 slip rating and anti-static suitability. The installation is also quick, simple and flexible with GreenTec’s ‘CLIC it!’ system.

The broad range of finishes from honey-coloured Natural Berdal Oak to Dark Almington Oak opens up endless design possibilities and aesthetic outcomes. Available for immediate delivery and installation, the modern, yet natural GreenTec flooring is fit for use within bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and more.

EGGER GreenTec in a bathroom

GreenTec flooring by EGGER is made up of four layers, beginning with a hardwearing and water-resistant wear layer on the top, followed by the authentic décor layer, the EGGER GreenTec board and the integrated sound-absorbing cork underlay. This comprehensive layering allows the flooring to become a dynamic product with a multitude of uses.

Manufactured to strict requirements, the flooring aligns with ForestOne’s responsible sourcing practices and promotes improved indoor air quality. Created from 69 per cent renewable resources with 55 per cent post-industrial recycled content, the flooring is an eco-friendly choice for responsible specification. Furthermore, GreenTec is the only sustainable laminate flooring available in Australia, which is free of PVC, VOCs and plasticisers to help ensure a low carbon footprint.

Through ForestOne, EGGER provides a durable and sustainable wood-based flooring solution that promotes its environment-friendly agenda. With a proven and trusted knowledge of sustainable products, EGGER’s commitment to providing the best for more sustainable interior design continues with GreenTec flooring.

Images courtesy of ForestOne