Representing freedom of function and form, MEGANITE offers products that deliver distinctive characteristics. Available through ForestOne, an exclusive range of basins, sinks and solid surfaces offers designers and architects the opportunity to work with a high-performing certified product that will elevate any space for years to come.

Durability, stain resistance, cleanliness and repair-ability are only some of the benefits that MEGANITE provides through its exclusive range of decorative surfaces. Offering a 100 per cent acrylic solid surface, MEGANITE products are manufactured by chemically curing a mixture of acrylic, polyester resign, filler, colour pigments and acrylic chips – the end product mimicking the look of stone without the limitations of the natural product.

While the basins come in an array of shapes and sizes, specifiers are supported with a product that complies with the highest Australian standards and a 75-year manufacture defect warranty. Whether specifying for benchtops, splashbacks, windowsills, sinks, shower walls or more, MEGANITE delivers a product that is versatile, innovative and cost-effective.

Used in an array of interior areas, including kitchens and bathrooms, MEGANITE provides a luxury aesthetic taking inspiration from international and local sources. Yet unlike granite, soapstone, slate or marble, MEGANITE’s solid surface range offers an extensive range of colours and textures to choose from, all of which provide a non-toxic and certified alternative.

With the ability to be thermoformed to create curves or moulded into different shapes and angles, MEGANITE’s updated 2021-22 range features colour stability and seamless edging, and is a 100 per cent silica-free product. Certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF-51) for surface areas, MEGANITE ensures its products are all made with wellbeing in mind.

“We do not only create designs and colours, we place emphasis on improving the wellness and lifestyle of our clients through our innovations,” says Samantha Li, export manager at MEGANITE.

Coffee table

When designing for areas that include benchtops or solid surfaces, designers often search for a sink or basin to perfectly complement their other material choices. Offered in varying shapes and sizes, MEGANITE’s range of basins is fit for any application whilst also complying with Australian standards. Furthermore, each basin or sink comes with a top-of-the-line, fully compliant waste kit. “MEGANITE creates to improve your life,” expresses Samantha. As for sinks, the Antegra range is an innovative undermount sink that can be integrated with matching décor options – coming in Stainless Steel, Copper, Gun Metal and Gold Brass finishes with matching basket strainer waste in 90 millimetres. Improving upon the aesthetic of any given space, the Antegra undermount sink offers a modern and imaginative touch to the otherwise understated areas.


Whether specifying for benchtops, splashbacks, windowsills, sinks, shower walls and more, MEGANITE provides a product that is versatile, innovative and cost-effective.

Available through ForestOne in a wide range of high-performing, durable, easy to clean and maintain décors, MEGANITE’s thermoformable surfaces, basins and sinks come with guaranteed certifications whilst meeting Australian standards. Enhancing the interior, MEGANITE’s distinctive products offer unique characteristics, giving designers and architects a conscious and stylish choice.

Images supplied by ForestOne