Delivering products that promote ecological, economic and social responsibility, EGGER is quickly becoming a leading supplier in sustainable wood-based solutions. Valuing Respect, Quality and Progress, EGGER’s innovative products portfolio of decorative building materials is advancing a more sustainable design and architecture industry.

Since 1961, EGGER has been driven by a passion for creating more sustainable wood-based solutions. With a responsibility to future generations, EGGER offers a transparent service that discloses who they are, what they do and how they act for clients. Driven by the brand’s values of Respect, Quality and Progress, EGGER practises a closed loop production line with sustainable forestry, use of sawmill by-products, material production and processing, planning and application, recycling and renewable energy. Deepening the company’s practice of supplying for the architecture and design industry, EGGER’s closed loop planning helps to deliver sustainably progressive materials for flooring, decorative building products, furniture and interior design.

Officially recognised with Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC) and by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), EGGER ensures that all materials used are in line with their company ethos. “We are committed to the UN 17 Sustainability Development Guide (SDGs),” explains John Dalla Via, EGGER Australasian Sales Manager.

With a product portfolio that includes Eurodekor melamine faced chipboards, PerfectSense lacquered boards, laminates, edging, worktops and the flame-retardant Flammex, EGGER offers a comprehensive yet sustainable range of matching décors and textures available across a variety of substrates. By providing clients and specifiers with a transparent service, EGGER promotes ecologically and economically responsible specification, whilst catering to the latest trends. “A decorative range that gives [clients] a 100 per cent décor and surface match in multiple product options to bring the end project to life,” John adds.

Produced in America and Europe, with sales offices worldwide, EGGER is truly a world leader in the supply of sustainably sourced architectural products. Enabling the cooperative relationship between client and supplier, EGGER works with specifiers to meet their client’s design requirements, “knowing that [the] latest decorative trends and technology are available to them and their customers,” says John. Not only does the company use the latest technology and processes to provide high quality, durable products, EGGER is also continuously audited by globally recognised monitoring companies. Summarising all relevant data through the Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), EGGER empowers clients to take control of their own environmental footprint when specifying. “Sustainability is not hard to achieve while still being on trend with the best in decorative wood-based products,” John explains.

Certified by Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), EGGER ensures that the materials used are in line with their company ethos.

Beginning as a family-company, EGGER has grown to establish sales offices around the world, continuously supplying high quality products to clients. Creating enduring decorative choices for wall panelling, flooring, worktops and much more, EGGER’s resourcefulness in providing innovative wood-based materials sees the brand continue to expand its reach. With a completely transparent service, EGGER maintains a passion for globally supplied wood-based building materials and encourages others to follow in step.

Images supplied by ForestOne