Aligned with the ForestOne philosophy of supplying sustainable solutions for decorative use, MEGANITE delivers a responsible and affordable alternative to re-engineered stone. By producing acrylic solid surfaces that replicate the look and feel of real stone, MEGANITE offers an ethical choice for commercial and residential projects over the dangerous side effects associated with the use of engineered stone.

When deciding upon solid surface materials, considerations of durability, ease of use, design aesthetic and environmental concerns come into play. However, one overlooked concern is the health of those who work with materials such as engineered stone – a common choice for solid surfaces. When grinding, cutting or polishing natural and engineered stone that is dry, fine dust known as silica is released, contributing to serious health risks. Providing a safe and ethical alternative, ForestOne’s exclusive collection of acrylic solid surfaces by MEGANITE offers designers a wide range of decors that promises a responsible and affordable alternative to stone.

Inhaling potent silica dust released when working with some stone materials can contribute to potential health issues for the fabricator. One concern in particular is the effect of prolonged exposure to silica dust; with prolonged exposure, serious health issues can develop from the cutting and working of dry stone. Though it is not just the health issues that are cause for concern, the affordability and flexibility in the application of stone presents another issue. Prompted to address the risk factors associated with the working of stone, ForestOne recommends MEGANITE acrylic solid surface as a suitably safer and less expensive alternative for the interior space. Formulated from natural minerals and pure acrylic, the acrylic solid surfaces by MEGANITE are 100 per cent silica free and mouldable, ensuring they are safe and can accommodate many tastes and styles.

Introduced to the architecture and design industry in the 1960s, acrylic solid surfaces echo the look of natural stone and are manufactured to fit a variety of aesthetics. Made from a cured mixture of acrylic, polyester resin, filler, colour pigments and acrylic chips, MEGANITE’s non-porous acrylic solid surfaces mean that liquids, stains and bacteria cannot breach the surface – unlike natural or engineered stone, where breaks or fissures can arise. With the ability to be thermoformed for any desired design effect, the solid surfaces are also a lightweight alternative to heavy stone. Delivering a performance driven material with seamless connections between joints and design flexibility, MEGANITE acrylic solid surfaces are also certified by Greenguard and National Sanitation Foundation with an NSF-51 health and safety standard.

MEGANITE’s high performing acrylic solid surfaces offer stone masons a reprieve from the dangers of cutting into dry natural or engineered stone. With the ability to be used on benchtops, splashbacks, windowsills, sinks, shower walls and much more, ForestOne chooses to supply MEGANITE’s exclusive range of solid surfaces to deliver an ethical and sustainable alternative to stone.

Images courtesy of ForestOne