Two Marmoleum flooring collections from Forbo Flooring were honoured recently with the Red Dot Design Award 2017. Marmoleum is part of Forbo’s contemporary linoleum flooring designs.

The Red Dot Design Award winners, Marmoleum Cocoa and Marmoleum Slate collections are part of the updated Marmoleum Solid range from Forbo.

Marmoleum Cocoa

Featuring cocoa husk to enhance Forbo’s linoleum design as well as improve the flooring’s sustainable profile, Marmoleum Cocoa is available in five earth tones. The use of cocoa husks as an additional natural ingredient also results in new tactility. 

The upcycling of the waste stream from the local cocoa industries underlines Forbo’s continuous effort to innovate linoleum as the original and most sustainable resilient floor covering to date.

Marmoleum Slate

Traditional linoleum floors with concrete and stone designs can trace their origin to the classic marbled varieties well known from the early linoleum days. The new varieties in concrete and stone equivalents are more appealing to an audience that connects sustainability and design for modern environments. 

Marmoleum Slate features a random embossed structure on top of a minimal tone in tone marbled linoleum, resulting in a realistic slate floor covering. This collection offers five slate varieties ranging from dark anthracite grey to copper and metal colour tones.